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if jin is ur bias, jimin is ur bias

if yoongi is ur bias, jimin is ur bias

if rap mon is ur bias, jimin is still ur bias

if j-hope is ur bias, jimin is gonna be ur bias

if v is ur bias, fooled u jimin is ur bias

if jung kook is ur bias, get out the way, bias jimin is here

if jimin is ur bias, ur fucked.

I feel this…

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Did you see?Did you see rumors about Tao,again... Why?I mean why do people hate him, why do they say stupid things about him?He never hurts anybody. He never bullies his fans at airport or anywhere.Why do people say these rumors? So sorry for him :'(


I saw it, yes…
Somce people would find every reason to twist his words and action so honestly…I’m not really surprise at this. They broke him once, he was in that emotional slump before and not that even stop them from stepping on him over and over again. Some are just blinded by hating him without a reason and that’s just heart-breaking to me. They’d wrong him no matter what, for no reason, no excuse, just hate…they twist and draw the evil in every situations but this is what I really happened in the past:

when the manager hits fangirl…he flinched


he’s the one to bow for apology and keep looking back and worried about the fangirl.

when the guard pushes the girl aside


and he’s the one look after her worriedly and frown at the guard’s action


and even argue and yell the guards not to push or hurt the fans afterwards. He told the guards several times things like this at the airport


and let me remind you how he usually interact with fans [video]

pick up phone for fans when they dropped it, even though the guards told him not to


and pick up fans letter even when he’s in a wheelchair!

that’s what I see and can remember right now. It’s your choice what to believe. He’s my bias because he has a heart and  a genuine human being. Out of all the EXO members, I think he’s the one who always look out for us fans the most, try to reach and interact with us. Learning and write down in broken english so international fans won’t feel left out and he let us know, he appreciate it, every little thing. He knows and he’s being thankful for the support. And being such a genuine and thankful person he is, can he really disapproving us fans? Ask that yourself, please…